Hi There!!

My name is Aron Bordin and I’m Brazilian researcher and freelancer. I’m studying Computer Science at São Paulo State University, and always coding something fun on my free-time :)

I’ve been testing new tools, documenting it and contributing to open source communities. I can tell you that there are a lot of perfect tools, but unfortunately they still not well documented or people just don’t even know about it. :(

With this blog I’m trying to expand the free knowledge, tutorials, frameworks, etc.

Right now I’m focused on my studies and University. I’d love to be a great Data Scientist in the near future, so I’m focusing in ML, Deep Learning, Probability, NLP and related fields right now. And posting about my studies in this blog.

Take a look in my personal page: http://aronbordin.com/

My dev blog: http://blog.rhesoft.com/